Advanced machine Laboratory

HP indigo 20000

The HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press affords you the freedom and flexibility to offer customers nearly any packaging application, including flexible packaging, labels, and shrink sleeves on film or paper. Also provided are converters with all the tools you need, from order to fulfillment.

Printing Presses

This printing presses are the advance high gravure printing presses in China which are applicable for continuous multi-color printing on rolling materials in good printing performance. broadly applied for all types of super-quality printed matters.

Laminating Machine

1. Double frequency conversing synchronic timing is adopted for entry port of main machine, making more stable operation.
2. Two means of glue applying, cobwebbing roll sizing and rubber roll gluing.
3. Oil warming system for composite reel, constant temperature control.
4. Photoelectric error correction for unreeling, with automatic tension.

NORDMECCANICA Laminating machine

As the leading brand in laminating machine industry, NORDMECCANICA Laminating machine is the most high-end and environmental equipment in the world. They have three main advantage for our packaging products:
1.No solvent residual, environmental & safety
2.Automatic operation, more accurate
3.Faster speed, more efficient

Vacuum Aluminizing Machine

this kind of free suspension style Coating Machine is widely used in low density plastic film and paper metalizing. With large vacuum system , this kind of equipment has good vacuum performance so that it can get working vacuum within 5 minutes.

Free suspension style shaft system assure the best performance of the Coating Machine for low tension plastic film , such as PE CPP BOPP PET.

Quality Inspection Machine

1.Automatic stroboscope to observe printing images is equipped in the system to discharge the unqualified products at the first time.
2. Automatic correction for rewinding
3. In the system, there are calculations of meter, roll diameter, automatic machine stop when lack of material etc.

Automatic ink-matching system

With the function of inspect the ink in printing machine. The system will alarm when the ink amount reach the lowest line, then realize the automatic control in printing ink device.

Bag Making Machine

With various professional bag making machine can meet different requirement. It adopts advanced computer to adjust length more freely and accurately.


Constant temperature drying box

To drying、solidify、bake and disinfect the bags in it. Ensure the bags in good quality.

Gas Chromatograph

The solvent residue applicable in a variety of food, pharmaceutical packaging, plastic film, solvent residue analysis test.

Purity analysis is applicable to variety of packaging and printing by the purity of the solvent to analysis. Moisture analysis the solvent moisture content analysis applies to the packaging and printing industry.

Intelligent electronic tensile testing machine

Suitable for tensile strength and deformation rate, tensile force, heat seal strength properties, tear properties, shear resistance, peeling of 90 degrees-180 degrees.

Small type pressure steam sterilizer

Applied to food packaging materials, adhesives, inks, resistance to high temperature cooking test.

Gradient heat seal tester

The smooth plane of the film material/pattern plane suitable for all kinds of plastic film, plastic composite films, co-extruded film, aluminized, aluminum foil composite film heat sealing test.

STF-C Coefficient of friction Tester STF-C

Suitable for the plastic coefficient of static friction and dynamic coefficient of friction test.

Pendulum impact testing machine

To measure materials puncture resistance characteristic.